The Book

The Book

Leaders risk devastating exposure and fail to achieve long-term success when internal values fall out of alignment with external message.
In ONE FACE you will learn how to: articulate and discover your own values, make wise leadership decisions focused on longevity, and transform the gift of feedback into growth.
Do you long for less stress and more freedom to be yourself?
Do you want to make a lasting impact and live without regrets?
Do you wish to know you are making the right decision every time?
If so, then ONE FACE: Shed the Mask, Own Your Values, and Lead Wisely is for you.

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The Author

Sarah McDugal has produced & directed more than 150 story videos, from city-wide message campaigns to global satellite TV network shows, including a music video nominated for Video of the Year at the 2014 Canadian GMAs.

Her work in media production launched 25 years ago as teen host of a global satellite Christian TV program. Since then, she’s managed teams internationally as creative director, producer, and talent coach.

In 2012 she launched her own branding agency to create story-driven marketing resources for companies who value people as much as profit.

An avid globetrotter, Sarah has visited or worked in more than 40 countries and is passionate about refugee work, orphan ministries, and raising young leaders. 

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After reading ONE FACE, you will possess a clearly defined set of core values, a four-step framework for regret-free decision-making, and the tools to make an impact lasting beyond your lifetime.

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